3RD wins prestigious Japan Media Festival Award

Wow. We didn't see this one coming!

3RD, our game in the social space won an excellence award at the 18th Japan Media Festival Award. 
3RD was made in collaboration with dutch architecture firm DUS architects, and was originally commisioned by Rezone Playful Interventions.

In two weeks Banda's Simon en Niki will fly to Tokyo to claim our award. 3RD will also be exhibited in Tokyo, so we are looking forward to seeing how a japanese audience reacts to our game!

Go to the Japan Media Award site >>



Mimicry and Bohm playable at Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Starting the 24th of januari both Mimicry and Bohm can be enjoyed as part of the 'Sublime Landscapes in Gaming' Exhibition. 
The exhibition will open with the Overkill festival which is held on the 24th and 25th. The exposition will run all the way into august! 
Have a look below.

Ter gelegenheid van de opening van de tentoonstelling zal in RMT het Overkill Festival plaats vinden. Tijdens dit festival met games, film, muziek en beeldende kunst zal RMT voor het eerst gedurende de hele nacht geopend zijn. Het festival vindt plaats op 24 en 25 januari 2015. Kijk op www.theoverkill.nl voor meer informatie over programma en kaartverkoop.